How To Use Mouse Away

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Divide into the supplied small, vented zip lock bags. Fill about 3/4 full. Effective up to 6 months or more, depending on air flow. When scent fades, visit Do not place directly on finished wood floors or furniture.

Farm Equipment: Tractors, Combines, Sprayers, Mowers, Trucks etc. Place bags liberally around wiring in engine compartment and in cab.

Seasonal Storage: Classic Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Campers/RVs, Storage Units. Place bags liberally under seats and dash, on frame, around wiring, under hood, in trunk, around furniture, in cabinets and any storage areas.

Homes, Cabins & Garages: Place bags every 4-5 feet in basements, storage areas, under appliances, in cabinets or any problem areas.

Vehicles: Place bags liberally, under seats & dash, on frame, around wiring, under hood and in trunk.

Boats: Place bags throughout, including under boat motor cover and on trailer.

Campers/RVs: Place bags in cabinets, storage areas, on frame, under beds & seating and around plumbing & electrical.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: It is always a good idea to seal holes, cracks, or other means of an entrance for the rodents.  

If you still are seeing evidence of mice after placing our product, they may not be able to find their exit route.  Simply place a trap where you have noticed activity and you will catch the remaining mice, then Mouse Away can do its job keeping the mice out.

STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Store in original, resealable pouch, in cool and dry area, out of direct sunlight or heat. Toss used bags in trash and open windows to air out any lingering scent.

PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENT: May cause eye and skin irritation. Wash hands after handling. If irritation occurs, flush with water.

All-natural and non-toxic but not intended for human or animal consumption.                 Keep out of reach of children and pets.